Where Did 200 Cars Go?

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    It's being called the heist of the century. A studio armed with development technology removed over 200 cars from users. They seemed to have vanished into thin air. Players were happy with the new update and the free gifts but were generally mad about the vanishing act. Where exactly did these cars go, and why are some players still unhappy?

    On June 15, 2023, Grand Theft Auto Online released a new update, called San Andreas Mercenaries. delivering new missions, unique cosmetic content, and needed additives to the quality of life. This made players happy.

    However, what made them still angry with Rockstar Studio is the removal of some 200 vehicles from the game. You would imagine that after ten years of gaming, you get to love your fleet. Not only that but get to know it, use it, and fix it. You become one with it. Only to lose it in a game update.

    In addition, players suddenly realized that their vanished cars were appearing in the premium version. Access to the GTA+ is only available through the Vinewood Car Club. Unfortunately only GTA+ plus players have access.

    So, gamers are fuming through both nostrils. However, Rockstar defended the move stating that it was pre-announced. Nonetheless, players took that news to mean a few old jangles that were no longer being used. Not some of the best cars in the fleet!

    This continues to be the center of the quarrel. Players have now taken a step further, by creating a list in the GTA community forum. The list keeps track of the vehicles that they have lost and their value. The list is rather extensive.

    While the contention continues, the game goes on. We can only hope that Rockstar will find an amicable solution forward.
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