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    There is a new version of Grand Theft Auto in development and there is good reason to believe it may be out before 2025. Here is the string of events that point to undeniable proof and hope.

    in September 2013, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies boasted they had "some ideas" for the next release in the series.

    Five years later. in March 2018, The Know released the name of the entry, Project Americas, which would be created around a remodeled Vice City and including South America, The report also indicated the involvement of a Latina.

    By July 2022 a Bloomberg News reporter, Jason Schreier, informed the gaming community of a game entitled Grand Theft Auto VI, which started development in 2014, would showcase protagonists fashioned after Bonnie and Clyde, including a Latina woman.

    During the game leak of the century, in September 2022, over 90 videos of 50 minutes showed evidence of the work in progress of the games. Even though they were not official clips, they became proof of the development.

    In February 2023, Rockstar reiterated the leak had impacted staff emotionally but business remained unaffected.

    We do hope that the game will be released soon.
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