New Gran Turismo 7 Update Available for Download

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    Gran Turismo 7 has released its update 1.37 patch notes which are very short on content. The update is available for PS5 and PS4 players, but it isn't as extensive as you might think. There are no new cars or skins to boast about.

    The latest update for GT7 is a minor one. Unlike the content updates that introduce new cars, GT Café Menu Books, and World Circuits Events, update 1.37 improves game stability. Yes, it is all about a more secure and balanced playing environment.

    Although there are no new cars in update 1.37, GT7 players who qualify online for the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup 2023 by round seven can claim a free GR010 Hybrid 2023 livery and Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition '22.

    The TGR GT Cup reward can be redeemed by entering your Garage and going to Gifts. You'll find tickets marked "A reward for entering the TGR GT Cup. Redeem a GR010!"/

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