MotoGP 17 Launches on All Cylinders Today! Get All the Racing Details!

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    Are you ready for the fast-paced 2017 edition of MotoGP? Want to know all features that MotoGP 2017 has to offer, including all the bikes and tracks from 2017?

    After an early release in Europe in June, North America finally receives MotoGP 17 finally hits the shelves today and you have a chance to win a free digital copy in our MotoGP 17 Giveaway. Courtesy of Square Enix and Milestone s.r.l., this marks what appears to be one of the most in-depth and comprehensive motorbike Grand Prix racing game to date based on the premiere motorcycle road racing sport that’s been held since the late 1940s.

    MotoGP 17 actually marks the last time Milestone will develop a game based on the MotoGP franchise. Speaking on the game in an official press release last April, Lead Designer Matteo Pezzotti, of Milestone, stated the following:

    “We are working really hard to make MotoGP 17 not just a seasonal update, but an enjoyable game which is full of all the innovations which the fans of the series have asked for over the years. We will have a new competitive and thrilling online mode, a completely revolutionized career mode and much more. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can assure you that you will see great things in the next few months. In the meantime, sit back and watch the beginning of the new season with us.”

    For MotoGP 2017, players will have access to all the 2017 riders, teams and tracks. The game will feature the new rules for MotoGP along with new features, such as the Red Bull Rookies Cup Championship. MotoGP 17 on the consoles will feature some top-grade visuals. For gamers who are very particular about their graphics and framerate, the console version of the game will run at 60 frames per second; which is a first for the series in terms of its visual framerate.

    Besides all the new updated riders, bikes and tracks from the current season of the official MotoGP, players will also be able to select 70 legendary riders from various classes, including 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke 500cc, 2 Stroke 250cc, 2 Stroke 125cc, and more.

    Among the new enhanced features of the game, MotoGP 17 will also have an enhanced physics system, all-new sound design, an overhauled leaning system for controls, better tire grip, some new online game mosts, and for people who want to customize their own characters and bikes, the game will have an incredibly robust character and bike customization system. Speaking to Wccftech in a May interview, Lead Programmer Michele Caletti also revealed the game will have a more aggressive computer artificial intelligence system. He stated, “We’ve added a lot more, making the AI more aggressive and further improving physics and collision system. The 60FPS support for PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One now brings to console players what PC ones have been enjoying – smooth, and more detailed physics, fast reactions and an increased feeling of being there. The audio is also a notable improvement – we’ve been able to re-record all the real bikes and to reproduce their sound in the game with a new third-party system that allows some incredibly realistic results.” So basically, this will be one of the smoothest, most detailed and realistic versions of MotoGP in gaming ever. Even the producers recorded the actual sounds of real motorcycles to incorporate that into the game’s overall sound design.

    Another exciting new feature for MotoGP 17 is the Managerial Career mode, which is dedicated to the 2017 World Championship. For Managerial Career mode, players take the role of a Team Manager and make decisions to lead their own team to the world title. Team Managers will have to manage team resources in order to put together the best championship team possible. Players will have to increase their reputation based on their wins at race weekends, which will also net them new credits, which will then enhance the overall performance of their riders.

    For the Team Manager mode, players will be focusing on every aspect of managing their team. This includes increasing team visibility with Sponsors, investing in the best performance motorcycle models, choosing the best pro Riders for the Team, and also overseeing various Team Departments. The game will have more than 10 departments to manage, such as Nutritionists, Athletic Preparation, Sports Management, the Research Department, and more. The Team Manager also gets to invest in R&D to get the best bikes, parts and components for the team.

    For players on the PlayStation 4, they will have access to the exclusive MotoGP eSport Championship. What this means is that any player who buys a copy of the game on PlayStation 4 is invited to compete in the eSports Championship for MotoGP 17, and gamers can compete against professional players. Per Sony PlayStation and Milestone Marketing Manager Andrea Loiudice, players who buy the game and then register on the official MotoGP eSport Championship website will then have the option to play the times for the Red Bull Rookies Championship for the Moto3 and Moto2 categories. The players who are able to beat the times for the Red Bull Rookies Championship will then get access to an Online Challenges mode. There will then be seven consecutive challenges based on specific race circuits with specific racing conditions to select the finalists. Those finalist players will then be invited by Milestone to participate in the grand final eSport challenge, which will be held in Valencia for the Grand Prix Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana. The eSport players will be competing opposite a real MotoGP race, and the MotoGP eSport Championship will be broadcasted live.

    MotoGp is available now in North America. The game is available in physical or digital copies for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The physical release version is available exclusively at GameStop in the United States for $49.99. However, the game is still available at select participating retailers in Canada and Latin America. Gamers who pre-ordered the game get access to the in-game Credits Multiplier. For players interested in the MotoGP 17 eSport Championship, more details will be revealed soon on the game’s official website, along with the official MotoGP website.

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    Thank you for the update. Hope I am not very late to read this.....but this great news are amazing. I am sure it will help us in the overall performance in the game play.
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    A very interesting and exciting update.
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    I haven't played Moto GP for ages! It was a real solid motorcycle racing game with some very hardcore crashes at times. I have been looking for aother racing game to compliment my Gran Turismo and Need For Speed lineup. I'm going to look up deals on G2A or instant-gaming so I can get this game at a more reasonable price.
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    I haven't had a chance to play MotoGP 17 yet but from what I've read, it really looks good. It is so realistic, from the new and improved physics and collision system to the realistic bike sounds. I reallynet to get MotoGP 17.

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