GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries Finally Here

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    Finally, the release is online and you are in for a treat in a modernized game suite where everything is new. So here are the takeaways, and it is worth every drive,

    The strategic plan has not changed much. You must contact Los Santos and retake the city as you lead the fight against Merryweather Security’s forces

    More contract
    The Los Santos Angels can now take on up to three contracts.

    Four New Source Missions
    Four new Source Missions have been added to the Free Trade Shipping Co. on the Hangar laptop alongside three new Sell Missions

    New Avenger Upgrade
    Now you won't need to own a hangar or a facility to operate an Aveher. You can call it to your location via the Services section of the Interaction Menu.

    New Vehicles
    A new sports model vehicle has been added to your fleet. You can easily add new features to your car.
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