Gran Turismo 7 Gran Tourismo 7 Sales Spike with Movie Rhyme

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    Gran Tourismo 7 sales sped through the windows boasted by the movie, The Gran Tourismo was released in some theatres this month.

    Before the movie rolled into theatres, Gran Tourismo 7 occupied 24th place on the TrueTrophies PlayStation Top 40 index. It also ranks number three among racing games' overall sales with 85 million units. However, since the movie, it has risen 13% in sales volume.

    The movie was slapped with a few negative critiques mainly because of its advertising ambit for GT 7. It carried a high promotional stance for the game.

    For example, Archie Madekwe's Jann Mardenborough waxes lyrical about GT7 as a "racing simulator." This product placement seems to be working as GT7's player numbers are growing. It will come as no surprise if it passes Need for Speed by the end of the year.

    Even though GT7 does not come close to The Last of Us part 1 which saw a 270% sales growth, movies are like that. They bump sales way up.

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