Cran Tourismo Movie Delays Theatre Release

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    The Gran Turismo movie was set to be released in theaters on August 11, 2023, but a last-minute delay was announced by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    In an unprecedented schedule reshuffle, Sony Pictures Entertainment pushed the much-anticipated release date to August 25. The movie will still be premiered in the US market but has now created possible market shocks. Sony Pictures Release had planned a selected debut on August 11, before a nationwide release on August 25th.

    The special event seems to have been canceled as there is no rescheduling of it as yet. What is sure is that the August 25 US-wide release remains intact.

    Gran Tourismo is based on Sony's racing franchise of the same name, featuring Archie Madekwe and David Harbour. The film is based on a real-life racer who learned to drive in the GT Academy and was coached to become a world-class race car driver.

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