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    During the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 Final, two new Vision Gran Turismo cars will be unveiled. After Genesis previewed its Vision GT concept last week, a second concept has been teased. This Vision GT car, however, comes not from a car manufacturer, but from luxury fashion house Bulgari.


    A luxury Italian fashion house, Bulgari is known for its opulent jewelry, watches, fragrances, and accessories. Despite its association with the motoring industry, the brand is one of the most photographed names in the world. According to GTPlanet, Bulgari has teamed up with manufacturers for limited edition watches inspired by the Maserati GranSport, GranLusso, and Fiat 500e.

    While Bulgari's Vision GT concept has yet to be unveiled, a teaser video shows off the sleek design, which is expected to be unveiled in 2019. Bulgari's Vision GT sports a low-slung design with an aggressive wheel arch and 11 slim headlights adorning the front while a distinctive "Aluminum" lettering is seen on the lower side, as well as Bulgari's logo.

    A lot is unknown about Bulgari's first-ever Vision Gran Turismo, but we'll probably learn more later this week. The car will be unveiled during the Grand Final of the World Series Manufacturers Cup on December 3, and we expect to see it in Gran Turismo 7 shortly thereafter.
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