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Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V' started by johnsmith1212, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Oct 21, 2016
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    Hi, First off please don't just assume I'm some guy looking to glitch out GTA. Because I'm not . Well kind of.
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    I have been looking at all these money glitches on YouTube but none of them work. I see all these guys on GTA with billions in their accounts and I wonder how they do that.
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    I do do respect the game and how you have to work to get money but I feel like I'm going to be stuck as a noob forever. So please don't call me lazy or don't know how to play the game because i do.

    Im looking for someone who has modded GTA to please give me a couple of billion $ in GTA money. If you can then please message me so we can organise a money drop.
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    Don't ever let any modder give you modded money because you will get banned by rockstar, my friend's account was banned for life because someone money dropped him 1 billion dollars, the only legit option to increase your Gta online balance is to purchase shark cards through psn or xbox live if you have a console.

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