I'm lоving thе hеll оut оf DiRT 4

Discussion in 'DiRT Racing Games' started by Robert2D, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Something about the physics/state of the game.
    I have non-toxic-fanboy intentions. Yes the default tuning makes the cars understeery af and feel like there is too much grip, resulting in a general frustration. But these problems can be fixed as it's not that the physics of D4 are more arcade than DR's ,but the tuning of cars. In fact the physics are indeed a step up and with cars having actual weight the game does encourage you to use specific techniques in order to get fast.There is a full guide on how to tune the cars properly but many haven't even try to test if it works and keep on hating the game. This video may help you with the tune the car in order to have the right handling showing you that D4 is not in any way arcade
    The physics are fine but a major issue of the game I believe it must be resolved is the track generator. It is indeed a great idea but we need more variety of turns.
    Here's the video :
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    Dirt 4 seems to be a good game. And it requires a lot of understanding of the track. And the graphics and sounds are good too. I'd say on that note some of the games in the market can be a good fit.

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