Your best offroad trek?

Discussion in 'GTA V General Discussion' started by Shimus, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Shimus

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    Jan 28, 2015
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    MT. Chiliad - The most notorious offroad trek for street cars. Or at least it was for me. I had eight different Cheetahs (thanks, glitch!) with a bunch of different colors - midnight blue and purple among my favorites. I'd take my cars up and over MT.Chiliad and the high areas just for kicks. I would do as many flips, count my airborne seconds, and try to get a max wanted level from the top of the mountain and watch cops try to flood up as I mowed them down and then took off.

    This usually always ends up on the beaches, or exploding high up in the mountains, however.

    How was your most notable offroad experience?
  2. troutski

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    Jul 2, 2014
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    I'd have to say that mine is a pretty similar experience. Mt. Chiliad is the best for just about every activity ever, if you're willing to be flexible.

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