Traffic Rider - New Look and Modes

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    It's all about driving in Traffic Rider. It's a game that defines a generation, though it's a bit past its prime but still incredibly entertaining. Traffic Rider places the player on a crowded highway and gives them full control over their riding.

    Despite being a great game for bike enthusiasts, Traffic Rider seems to suffer from a lack of graphic quality compared to modern racing titles. Nevertheless, the arcade is enjoyable to play, the progression system is rewarding, and there are many different maps and bikes to take advantage of.

    However, the studio has made some interesting changes. A career mode, first-person perspective, better graphics, and real-life bike sounds take the endless racing genre to a whole new level. Smooth arcade racing remains but in a modernized shell.

    This game has a total of 70 stages, each getting more challenging as the player progresses. Stages are divided into four locations, each with three different environments.

    Although Traffic Rider is free to play, it does use a freemium model. This means that while the core gameplay and some content are free, you can purchase other elements with real money.

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