The SEGA Old Racing Games That We Love

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    In the last few years, racing games have become increasingly popular among gamers. Wipeout went from Magnavox Odyssey owners to Sony PlayStation owners. Most developers have tried out racing games, like Mario Kart and Gran Turismo, two of the highest-selling games of all time.

    One of the most influential companies in the arcades was Sega. They controlled the market directly with a wide range of titles that went on to become classics in the genre. But which ones are Sega's best racing games?

    This was Sega's answer to Gran Turismo on the Dreamcast, a good game but not the big hit Sega was looking for, selling modestly. In 2002, Sega brought back the GT series with GT 2002, which featured 160+ cars.

    Many game modes are available, including a Career Mode and Chronicle Mode. With the game, players could race and tweak vintage cars from the 1960s onwards and earn extra cash by completing extra objectives during a race, or even by completing a race unscathed.

    There are many good Sega racing games from the 1980s. Power Drift had a zoomed-in, swaying camera. Enduro Racer had wheelies and log jumps. And OutRun, where players had to master the driving mechanics to reach one of five goals.

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