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    Hello fellow Mario kart 8 players

    First, I want to say that that my english language isnt the best you will see on this site.
    Second, You can do whatever you want with this thread. So, if you want to copy and spread it, go ahead!

    With that being said, Let's get right into the stuff below!

    Recently, Me and Leroy(shoutout to you mah boiiii) encountered a Hacker online, He was speedhacking and itemhacking. Since there isnt any way to report hackers in mk8, there isnt an easy way to get them banned.
    But, I found a easy way to report them. Eventho it takes a small bit of effort

    The way i did it was to contact Nintendo's Customer support(You dont have to call them, An e-mail is fine)
    Ofcourse, you need prove that the hacker actually hacked, The way i did this is making a prntscrn of Leroy stream(You can also make a pic of your screen with your Phone) Leroy had the id of the hjacker displayed on his screen. I also made a clip of the hacker using an item at start(you can do this as a twitch user) but, mktv is also fine, make sure to make it a yt vid. so u can send a link.

    If you have enough proof, you can send Nintendo a mail via their official site>customer service(You can attach files to your mail). After a couple of days you will get a reply(atleast i did). They replied the following:"Thanks for your mail, We have send your mail to the hq and they are working on it"

    Congratz you have reported a hacker

    if we do this all together, we can get rid of those damn hackers!

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