The Crew Motorfest Sets Worldwide Release Date

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    Ubisoft Ivory Tower has announced the release date for The Crew Motorfest, this September 14. The game underwent beta testing this weekend and is about to debut worldwide on multiple gaming consoles and PC.

    After a successful beta weekend, gamers are all fired up and have rallied forward with the great news. The Crew Motorfest was worth the wait, it is everything out of this world. One of the biggest takeaways is the rebirth of vehicle creation.

    That is exactly so, users will be able to build their own vehicles, just the way they desire. Even though this is not a new feature, it has been absent for many years. Maybe the last game to showcase this feature was Sega GT on the Dreamcast which was released in 2000.

    The game allowed drivers to build their cars in the Carrozzeria choosing the drivetrain, body design, engine placement, type, size, and aspiration of their vehicle. Thanks to Mortorfest, the gaming community will have these features again.

    The Crew Motorfest rolls out driving a Toyota Supra down a neon-lit Japanese highway, copied from the “Fast & Furious” movie. This is followed by Ford Bronco as players switch to dirt tracks in an Hawaii countryside. The finishing touch comes with the gamers driving an F1 vehicle.

    Ready to have fun? Go to next September 14.

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