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    Same but not I repeated content that operate indifferent tool for different delivery channel user friendly content I call it loaded with repetitive inner information that couln the translation side metaphors and idioms end up being am be found when it comes to translating inhere are no allotter learning content filled with American examples images and human humor am I know this my presentation would never transfer fee so not a very good and example at two used for a great mom a what to and develop for translation and remember we have the program in our training a recall to and on track training and which show a train going down the track but the course there was no parallel in other languages that would have any word that with them mean both I'm training at the I'm learning content and a train that run backtrack and I'm no parallel between training track have I'm curriculum and training track for the train and there's the malady a processbloatware this latter unnecessary fiefdom content protected by departmental pride in prejudices our way about I'm...
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