PQube and Long Way Home Reveals Resistor

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    Developer Long Way Home and publisher PQube, have released information on their upcoming racing game, Resistor. The game is a CaRPG (Cartoon Racing Role-Playing Game) from a genre that is fading.

    According to a post on its community page, the game will be coming to the Switch sometime soon. The game features high-speed racing, cartoonish open-world exploration, choice-based narratives, and customizing. This is applicable to both your character and vehicle. It is a highly ambitious game that aims to deliver an unforgettable racing experience.

    In addition, in Resistor, players earn style points by performing stunts, takedowns, and drifts. They can use the style points as currency for fantastic racing. Six environments are available in this game, which you can explore in vehicles and on foot.

    Furthermore, through main and side missions, players can build up a ragtag squad to provide buffs to their lead character, resulting in a branching narrative. Players may even become the villains in their own story by making poor decisions.

    The game features outlandish musical battles and territory control based on reputation. As players build their reputation, they can edit terrain, create shortcuts, and influence the world.

    Although no release date has been mentioned, it is great to see a new CaRPG coming out after so many years.

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