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    Players have been asking for it! A racing kart gaming that would involve gigantic harvesting machines. A unique game that would pit farmers against each other as they reap their grains. Furious Farm: Total Reap-Out,is all about eight farmers who compete against each other, to win the Grain Prix title.

    "Battle 7 other farmers to see who can reap the biggest portion of the field in this crazy combine-harvester karting game. Set fire to the fields, fling tires around, steal grain from the others, manipulate grain stock value... All moves are fair game on Furious Farm," says developer Punkcake Delicieux.

    In the Grain Prix, each farmer has his or her own combine, stats, and special abilities. Two of the lowest-ranked farmers are eliminated from competition after every round. The others have the option of upgrading their harvesters with new stats and tweaks to remain competitive.

    Game developer Punkcake Delicieux is the owner of the roguelike Shotgun King. This is a very popular game similar to chess except you only have one piece, and it's your king. Ironically your king has a shotgun and it's a battle royale where you get upgrades.

    You access Furious Farm: Total Reap-Out on and on Steam for $6.

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