NeoSprint Drifts to Switch

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    Developed by Headless Chicken Games, NeoSprint offers multiple game modes, custom racetracks, upgradable cars, and eight-player local multiplayer. The title is scheduled for release in Summer 2024.

    In NeoSprint, Atari revisits single-screen racing from the 1970s. It uses contemporary features, including a 3D presentation, upgradable cars, and a track-builder, as well as the ability to compete against players worldwide.


    Key Features
    • Track Builder: Make your own tracks and circuits and share them with the NeoSprint community. Create tracks with jumps and turns of up to three levels high.
    • Multiple Racing: There is plenty of racing content for every level of player, from Obstacle Courses to Time Trials to Campaigns and Grand Prix races.
    • Custom Cars: Choose from nine different types of cars, all with unique speeds, accelerations, and handling. Each car can be customized with colors and Atari-themed decals.

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