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    It has been long while since i have made any post in this clan dominant community but...

    I have growing concern of an issue ( for those who care in sake of fairness ) of a problem in-game what is this threat you ask GOLD-DIGGERS! they are players to impatient to play the game fairly and as result cause imbalance of the skill level ratio people 10k or higher turning training 1k-5k rooms into big mess... and for what? a easy score? personal VR room with friens by trolling the weaker group?
    more: chung cư 44 triều khúc

    either excuse, it is very unfair, unprofessional, and above all.. making themselves out as fools in process

    stopping them is easy however they only came to get away from losing VR yes? so by dealing with the offended first hand, they will flee the scene in any cases ( as well as embarrassing said offendeder
    more: chung cu xuan mai complex

    but what do you think in your own words...

    should the people of this game be selfish? or play by rules anyone can enjoy competitively or otherwise?
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