Make Way Preview Makes Fun a Lot More Delightful

Discussion in 'Sim Racing' started by Warner Williams, Sep 20, 2023.

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    Make Way is a chaotic multiplayer racing game from Ice BEAM. Anyone can vouch that this is a game that you should be wary of when choosing who to play with. That is to say that it's fun, but lots of yelling is to be expected.

    In this top-down racing game, up to four players can compete together on the same screen or online. They each pick a piece of track - and can then assemble their pieces in whatever way they choose.

    Players can run into bouncy barriers, item boxes, moving platforms, and other obstacles depending on what track pieces are chosen. Your race can become a series of collisions between bouncy barriers, moving platforms, and bouncy barriers.

    During each new section of the course, there's a checkpoint (and they're every few miles in this race). If anyone falls behind or falls off the road (and they will), they'll be thrown out of the race until the next checkpoint.

    The game doesn't rely on power-ups or tricky sections to make you the winner. One guy played Make Way with me, and in a frenzied attempt to get the first place, affixed himself to the front of the pack.

    As a result of my accident, I plowed off the road. I don't regret it, however, since my opponent went on to score a spectacular victory when his car narrowly avoided falling due to a moving platform in the later round.

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