Forza Motorsport 5 Major Car Progression Changes Coming to Forza Motorsport

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    With Forza Motorsport's car progression system, which was released last October, it has been a point of contention. Said to be a rewarding RPG system, it forced players to grind, and upgrades were linked to your car's XP level. Players were unable to unlock upgrades until they reached level 50.

    A community blog post from Turn 10 outlines changes planned for the car progression system in Update 6. Parts will be available at Car Level 1 for every car in the game. Upgrades can be installed at any time rather than waiting until a specific Car Level is reached.

    “Whether it's engine swaps, race tires, aspiration changes, body kits, or any other part available for your vehicle, you will have the freedom to build cars your way,” the blog post reads.

    As part of another sweeping change, you'll be able to purchase Car Points with credits. Once you've accumulated enough credits, you can begin upgrading your car immediately instead of having to level up to unlock it.

    There is still a way to earn car parts through car leveling if you prefer the older progression system and want to save credits. This compromise is hopefully going to improve the progression system while making it rewarding at the same time.

    “We’re testing a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points and based on the feedback we’ve collected, we expect this to provide a healthy balance,” Turn 10 said.

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