iRacing to Add Rain as its Wet Weather Debuts

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    Wet weather is expected to be added to iRacing next month in the upcoming 2024 Season 2 update. Wet weather can affect how the cars react to the track, so iRacing's realistic rain simulation could be a game-changer.

    As outlined in a new development blog previewing the upcoming 2024 Season 2 update, iRacing's Tempest weather system is ready for release following a delay. Players will be racing in the rain for the first time in March.

    “The Tempest system delivers an experience unlike anything else in simulation racing, and it may take some time for iRacers to properly acclimate to the feature,” the developer blog explains.

    “Rain in iRacing does not operate like what sim racers and racing gamers have experienced in racing video games and simcade racing titles.”

    It is not only the visibility that will be affected by rain but as well as how the environment and tires will be affected. There are polished and unpolished areas of the track, so you will have to adapt your racing line accordingly as a result of the rain.

    iRacing doesn't use canned puddles. Everything is driven physically, from the wetness of the track and puddles to water being sucked up off the track and being misted by the driver.

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