Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 - Memory Lane

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    Sometimes you get a nudge that sends you down memory lane to find some old buried treasure, So it's for Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. As a teenager, the TV series, with the same name, was rather unique and the action back then was a lot more than seeing Nate and Hayes, makeover.

    Long before the TV series got underway in 2009, the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 video game already existed. It was developed by Sidhe Interactive and published by Activision for the Wii and Nintendo DS, and a children's vehicular combat game based on the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 3D animated television series created by Mattel

    It was first introduced in 1984. and received less than positive reception The animation and cutscene production value was relatively high, matching that of the TV show. Unfortunately, the controls were a bit finicky, and the gameplay mechanics get repetitive for anyone not nostalgic for the show.

    Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 had players become Vert, one of the show's main protagonists. Gameplay saw Vert freeing his team and battling their enemies using various Hot Wheels cars and their designated special abilities and weapons.

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