Hot Lap Racing: Renovates Sim Racing Games

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    A new racing game, Hot Lap Racing, is changing how sim racing is done. The game combines sim racing with arcade gaming, renovating the genre, or creating one.

    A recent post on the X page revealed that Just For Games and Zero Games Studio will be launching a new racing game. The game is entitled Hot Lap Racing and is scheduled to roll out in 2024. It will open simultaneously on both Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

    According to details, this is considered a "simcade" racing game. The unique game combines elements of both simulation and arcade racing. It uses an in-house racing physics engine developed specifically for the game. Guaranteeing realistic yet accessible driving experience.

    In addition, there are over 30 cars to choose from. The vehicle showcase represents various motorsport categories and eras in the game. This includes GT and prototype cars as well as iconic Formula 1 vehicles.

    The game will feature over 50 tracks to race on and FIA-grade 1 and 2 licensed circuits. Hot Lap Racing lets players compete on famous circuits and test their driving skills against realistic environments.

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