Horizon 2 Comes to PC and Switch

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    As Nintendo continues its long weekend of surprise, Horizon 2 is a new comer to the Switch and PC.

    AQUIRIS and Epic Games Publishing have released Horizon Chase 2, a highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Chase. The game debuted on the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop and PC via Epic Games Store.

    Notably, players can compete online and offline with friends in Horizon Chase 2. Whether it's head-to-head competition for glory or teaming up in the World Tour, any arcade racing fan will be pleased with this experience.

    In addition, there are two amazing facets that will enhance gameplay. Firstly, the Garage Shop allows players to paint and decal their cars to suit their preferences. Then, the World Tour allows players to unlock new cosmetic items and increase their stats.

    The Epic Games Corporation was established in 1991 by CEO Tim Sweeney and is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. The company has more than 40 offices worldwide and develops 3D engines


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