Gran Turismo 7 Gran Turismo Sports Rides into the Shadows

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    After more than six years since its release, Polyphony Digital has retired Gran Turismo Sport's servers permanently. The company's release of the latest patch update only served to announce the game's termination

    Starting today, Gran Turismo Sport's multiplayer features and modes are no longer accessible. Among these are Community, Open Lobby, and the titular Sport mode, and Player Custom Liveries can no longer be browsed or downloaded.

    Since GT Sport was delisted from the PlayStation Store earlier last month, you can no longer buy the game digitally. GT Sport's single-player modes, including GT League, remain playable offline.

    The good news is that Polyphony Digital has removed GT Sport's online connection requirement allowing you to save campaign progress offline. This bodes well for the future of Gran Turismo 7.

    We are hoping that the single player sports mode will remain accessible after the server goes completely offline.

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