Gran Turismo 7 Drops Surprise Update

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    Gran Turismo 7 has received a surprise patch update. Polyphony has released the patch notes detailing what's new in update 1.47. There are no new cars, menus, or events.

    A new update, version 1.47, has been released which addresses an issue where car settings could be changed even during events where they are not allowed, as well as a bug that prevented wheels from being installed on the Lexus LFA after update 1.46 was installed.


    1. Car Settings
    - We fixed an issue in which car settings could be changed even when car settings were deemed prohibited in event regulations.

    2. Cars
    - We addressed an issue in which some wheels could not be equipped on the following cars after Update 1.46 was installed:
    ・Lexus LFA '10

    Despite the light update in the hotfix, we are anticipating the next monthly content update later this month, which will likely add three new cars to the roster.

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