Gran Turismo 7 at 50% on PlayStation Spring Sale

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    We'll go through everything around the PlayStation Spring Sale in order to find the best deals on full games and bundles. It runs until April 11, so you've got plenty of time to take advantage of the sale.

    There is a 50% deal going on for Gran Turismo 7 right now. The game series is on its way to selling 100 million copies and even has its own movie. The Gran Turismo movie is an excellent action/driving film.


    With a host of exciting game modes, Gran Turismo 7 is a noteworthy game. The graphics are impressive, even if it isn't new-gen, the gameplay is enjoyable, and the soundtrack is equally pleasing.

    There have been rumors of Gran Turismo 7 coming to PC. However, there's something more appealing: the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro, which is 45% faster than the PS5, and three times more powerful overall. According to leaks, the PlayStation 5 Pro should launch this fall and will be three times faster than the PS5.

    Perhaps GT 7 will finally feature ray tracing during gameplay. The free update could coincide with the rumored PC release; who knows? Maybe keyboard and mouse enthusiasts can expect an uncapped framerate.

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