France Macron Fall Short of Apology

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    The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, yesterday tried to correct his rift with the gaming community. The president had blamed video games for the public street riots early this year.

    According to a post made on his X page, Macron tried to clarify his statements made earlier in June but fell short of an apology.

    "I expressed my concerns at the end of June because delinquents had used video game habits to trivialize the violence on social networks," he said. “It is this violence that I condemn, not video games.”

    Macron created a rather lengthy and unusual post in which he even went as far as showering accolades on gamers. “Video games are an integral part of France,” Macron declared.

    However, his fiery attack on video games earlier this year went beyond Frane and angered the international gaming community. Japanese game director Kastuhiro Harada tweeted in response that “blaming something is a great way to escape the burden of responsibility.”

    In addition, his blunt statement at the beginning of the post showed more politics than mea culpa. “I startled gamers.”

    The statement fell short of erasing his bold accusation that video games were intoxicating the rioters.

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