Forza Motorsports Wins Double at The Game Awards 2023

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    The Forza Motorsports franchise won both of the two nominations that it received at The Game Awards 2023. The trophies silenced critics and pushed the racing game above its competitors. The game has been improving its game style this year including adding new cars andtracks each month.

    As the nominations began, many prophets who had predicted a winning drive for other games, kept silent. It was Forza Motorsport that won the Best/Sports Racing award, beating F1 23, The Crew Motorfest, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged, and EA Sports FC 24.


    In addition to this, Forza Motorsport also swept the Innovation in Accessibility award, outperforming Diablo IV, Hi-Fi Rush, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Mortal Kombat 1, and Street Fighter 6. Even though the franchise only had two nominations, it's enough to shore up the great job being done by the team. Two thumbs up says a lot - enough to ward off critics.

    Nonetheless, many critics were not happy at all. Instead of congratulating the designers and development team, they have rallied against the award council. Some have thrown headlines that derailed the awards as 'Rigged', or: ''A Sham". It is time they let the judges do their jobs and accept the results.

    Forza Motorsports has proven itself over and over again. It listens to players, accepts and uses gamers' feedback, and makes adjustments when necessary. The awards were won and honor the franchise's hard work.

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