Forza Motorsport 5 Forza Motorsports to Fix Bugs in First Free Update

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    A community post from Turn 10 addressed these issues, confirming that the Forza Motorsport Update 2 will include over 200 fixes when it arrives in mid-November.

    “We understand how frustrating these are, especially when they may hinder your full enjoyment of the game, and we intend to resolve them as soon as possible,” Turn 10 wrote. “We are committed to supporting Forza Motorsport in the long term by delivering monthly content updates and quality-of-life improvements.”

    Among the most reported issues will be over 200 fixes in Forza Motorsport update 2, including improvements to the livery editor, multiplayer, and wheel support.

    Forza Motorsport's notorious infinite load screen bug remains after the update 1.1 hotfix has been installed. It's disappointing to see this first-party game released in such a poor state after six long years of development.

    In a statement, Turn 10 states that it has "investigated this issue very carefully" and that it has "identified the root cause." The studio adds that it hopes to "better resolve this issue soon." Further stability improvements beyond update 2.0 are also planned.

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