FlatOut Arcade Racing Game Goes Completely Free

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    During the current sale, FlatOut, the classic arcade-style racing game with a focus on destruction physics, is free to claim

    Currently, GOG has a free game offer for FlatOut as part of their Valentine's Day themed Love at First Pixel sale running from Wednesday, February 14 through Wednesday, February 21.

    As a hybrid between racing and demolition derby games, Flatout offers a variety of arena and dirt-road tracks. There is a line-up of cars that can be smashed apart during matches. It also includes a suite of minigames designed to direct the chaos.

    According to Wikipedia, FlatOut's physics engine was considered top-notch when it launched and remained unrivaled. However, the game is likely most known for allowing players to smash their windshields. Call it crazy driving if you will. But it's fun.

    Ready? You can get the game completely free right now by clicking here.

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