Fanatec Boost Kit 180 Offering Huge Discount

Discussion in 'Sim Racing' started by Warner Williams, Feb 12, 2024.

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    Jun 26, 2023
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    It's expensive to get into sim racing, especially if you want all the peripherals: the seat, wheel, wheel base, etc. Luckily, Fanatec has a deal on its CSL DD Wheel Base right now if you're interested.

    The Fanatec wheel base can be yours for $449.95 today, which is a $50 savings. If you read our deal post from last week (which is still live), Fanatec rarely offers discounts on their products.

    Fanatec's Boost Kit 180 provides 8 Nm of undiluted feedback from whatever racing game you're playing at a lower price. It comes with the Direct Drive Base, which mounts directly to your wheel's motor shaft.

    The Sim Racer is easy to set up; just plug it in and use the Standard Tuning Menu to get started. Serious sim racers can modify their experience even further using the Advanced Tuning Menu.

    If you're looking to add direct drive technology to your setup, this device is a beast, and with a $50 discount, it's a great time to buy.

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