F1 23 Sales Reflective of Gamers Disappointments?

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    After the momentous release of its long-awaited racing game, Codemasters is cautious with the sales returns. Sales of the F1 23 edition have been considerably lower than the former F1 22 edition, using the same three-week sales period.

    F1 23 sold slightly over 30,000, according to GameSensor's estimations, during its first week on Steam, generating nearly $2 million in revenue. Yet, after three weeks, the sales have reduced significantly and lagged behind F1 22 with sales down 49%.

    F1 22 sales on Steam amounted to almost $11 million in just the first three weeks of release and topped 200 thousand game units.

    In addition, F1 sold best on Xbox platforms, with Xbox Series S and X accounting for 48.5% of sales. PS5 accounted for 47.6%, and the remainder was on PS4 and PC.

    In comparison with other new game releases, such as Diablo, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy, F1 23 is ranked in third position, only above Street Fighter. Please note that Zelda is not included since Nintendo does not release sales stats. However, Zelda is riding close to Diablo using Steam data.

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