ExoCross Changes Launch Date to 2024

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    The off-road racing game ExoCross has been postponed from fall 2023 to sometime in 2024. Developed by Orontes Games, it involves driving monster off-road vehicles around deformable terrain.

    According to a report from iRacing’s Marketing and Communications Manager Chris Leone, the game is ready. The physics makes it distinct, with 'soft-bodied' tires digging into the surface through 4CPT. The game was initially planned for an early release via Steam early access as DRAG: Outer Zones before it was acquired by iRacing in 2021.

    After renaming the project ExoCross, the team promised a finished game for PC, PS3, and Xbox by 2024. Now, according to iRacing, they have successfully ported the existing development version to consoles.

    In addition, the IRacing team has reported impressive advances. These include:
    • A new ‘quick race’ single-player mode has been implemented,
    • The iRacing’s AI system can be ported across to control your competitors.
    • A third vehicle type and
    • The fourth world which will include 38 unique tracks is in progress.
    Exocross is projected to launch with over 48 driving challenges with continued updates on mechanics, vehicles, and tracks.

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