DeathSprint 66 - Mario Kart Without the Carts

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    .During the Future Games Show, a brief teaser for DeathSprint 66 was presented, which unfortunately did not contain any gameplay footage. However, the game director Andrew Willans displayed a short video of the game in action at GDC this week.

    This sci-fi racing game is quite similar to Mario Kart, with simple arcade racing controls, weapons, traps, and maneuvers such as slipstreaming and drifting. The only significant difference is the addition of a gore system.

    "It's The Running Man as reimagined for a new generation," said Willans.

    The Nintendo Cart Racing series is often seen as a fun and harmless game. However, DeathSprint 66 portrays the true nature of the racing series - a ferocious death sport. The inspiration for the game came from the movie adaptation and other sci-fi depictions of the idea of "entertaining ourselves to death," such as Death Race 2000.

    Enjoy the trailer.

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