Daytona USA 2 Gets Home Port

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    After nearly two decades of waiting, the arcade racing game Daytona USA 2 will finally get into American homes. The game is set to appear on a game console.

    According to the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the arcade racing game is finally getting a home port. Reports indicate that it will appear in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, under the title 'Sega Racing Classic 2.'

    In addition, the magazine pointed out the sad fate of the original game. It was previously planned for Daytona USA 2 to be released on the Dreamcast console, but it was canceled and replaced by Daytona USA 2001. However, the player can now enjoy the authentic arcade racing experience of Daytona USA 2 on their computer.

    Aside from Daytona USA 2, several other classic Sega arcade games will appear in Like A Dragon. They include Fighting Vipers 2, Flicky, and Galaxy Force. Continuing the tradition of the Yakuza series, these classic arcade games are available to play in Like A Dragon


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