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    The game has been down for a long while for all WR owners now and ff it's one thing I've found hard ever since I started to play The Crew, is the ability to actually check the server status. Let me explain..

    If you've ever touched an MMO thats not The Crew, their game launcher or wesbite/twitter always keeps its community updated on maintenance/patching/server issues with a typical ETA (if possible) and or launcher that let's you know if it's down or not. However, the communication between the players and the devs/community managers for The Crew is very non existent.

    The Crew's twitter account is almost never updated about stuff like this with the occasional "server maintenance date/date from that time to that time". Ubisoft's Uplay tells you nothing either as The Crew has no dedicated launcher. The only way to find out whats happening, is to go on to the Forums and see if it's a maintenance in the works or server error where the players are the ones actually reporting it, with 0 input for anything from 30 minutes to several hours from the community managers. As en example, last friday the servers went down and nobody got to know why for a long while.

    Please be more active on Twitter with updates and the forum it self or create a system where you can see a "server offline/online" when you launch the game by the Press Enter screen. It would really help alot and keep your community up to speed. Sitting around waiting like this with no clue of when, how or why, really is annoying and I believe most would agree.

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