Things the GTA V map can learn from Fortnite

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by johnsmith1212, Apr 5, 2018.

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    the map subject has often been discussed. Many say the countryside lacks isolation, it lacks untouched nature, it doesn't feel like a real countryside. So while I was playing Fortnite: Battle Royale the last days, it hit me: Fortnite is a way better map, there actually is isolation. The hills around Tilted Towers, or the forest "Wailing Woods" (which is miles better than Paleto Forest) give me that feeling of Back O' Beyond from GTA San Andreas. It actually is pretty creepy at nighttimes, and V does not have that feeling for me. In Fortnite you can even destroy the environment, while in V you can't even run over a tree with a car.
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    The only thing Fortnite lacks is a desert, but I'm sure as hell this will be included with a map update sooner or later. Fortnite has more little towns, more farms, a countryside that actually feels like a countryside. GTA V - or the next GTA - can learn a lot from that game in terms of mapmaking.
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    Your thoughts on that?
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    I think GTA new version should be like fortnite except the killing and stuff part. It should mix the players and have some theft and heist missions. that would be good.
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    These are two completely different games, not sure why you felt like comparing them. In any case, I wouldn't mind having big forests and such in GTA assuming it wasn't all empty and we could do things in them like hunting, fishing etc.
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    This. Fortnite has a very small map compared to GTA V. You can only do so much in Fortnite. There are also side quests that you can do on the barren lands of GTA V. IIRC, there are also Easter eggs that can be found in those "empty" areas.

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