So Mario Kart 8 is a failure

Discussion in 'Mario Kart' started by sam123, Sep 20, 2016.

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    #So I managed to play Mario Kart 8 for awhile the other day, and I'd like to share my consensus...

    First off, let me say that I've been a fan of the series since MK64. While MK64 is probably the one which holds the best/most memories for me, my personal favorite is Double Dash, mostly due to the great choice of weapon items and tracks. I even thought MKDS and MK7 were decent iterations in the franchise, but honestly, MK8 is garbage.

    Rather than go on and on about why this is probably the worst entry in the series, let me highlight some of my main complaints:

    - A ton of lame and lesser known characters while also missing good ones.

    - Uninspired maps.

    - Worse weapons, fewer weapons.

    - I hear everyone boning about the controls. Are you kidding me? These are some of the worst controls in any MK game I've played. The A button is your gas pedal, but the bottom left trigger is used for shooting items? What the ****? Not to mention, rounding corners is awkward, thanks partially to the obtuse WiiU gamepad.

    - Aside from the visual style, which is always colorful and creative in keeping with typical Nintendo graphics, this is not a great looking game. Sure, it's better than MK7, it's high resolution, it has a higher polygon count than what you'd expect, but these graphics wouldn't have looked out of place in a 360 or PS3 launch game.

    - The new features feel cheap and tacked on. My advice for Nintendo would be, if you're going to add something like personalized karts to a game, make it a little deeper and more engrossing than allowing you to pick simply a a kart, wheel, and parachute. I get it, the game is supposed to be "accessible", except adding optional features like deeper kart customization in no way impacts the casual experience of most players who probably won't even explore the game to that extent anyway.

    - The battle mode.... Oh my god, the battle mode. Who doesn't have great memories of playing on the trippy, colorful, blocky battle maps of MK64, or even Double Dash? Playing deathmatch in karts was all too fun, and the balloon system worked well for the arena style. Now, the battle mode is barely distinguishable from a regular kart race. What the ****? Nintendo, you're going to take out one of the best features of the game, which would have been easy to replicate or improve upon, and slap the name on a rehashed racing mode? That is just shoddy work.

    Whatever minor improvements Nintendo made to Mario Kart this time around are, frankly, overshadowed by the negative aspects. I was sorely dissapointed by what MK8 brought to the table, and honestly, while this might sell 2 million copies, it's never going to be the big hitter than Nintendo needs, and it surely won't be receiving support from me.
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    I have to disagree with many of your points. Mario Kart 8 has its flaws, but most of those flaws have been present since the very first one on Super Nintendo. The AI has always been cheesy. You have always been punished for doing well in this game franchise. Just about all the legacy characters are in Mario Kart 8, as well as fan favorites like the Koopalings. The tracks are as good as anything that's ever been in this franchise, and most of them sport absolutely gorgeous themes that look like they should be the template for full on game sin their own right.
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    I have to agree with you. I don't really think that it's a failure but it's okay for me since everyone has their own opinion.

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