Mario Kart 8 Toys to Be Featured in McDonald’s Happy Meals

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  1. [​IMG]Hey, you can get by on a small order of chicken McNuggets, some apple slices, and a milk for lunch, right? It’ll be worth it if you’re into racing game collectibles, because McDonald’s is offering Mario Kart 8 toys with Happy Meal purchases.

    The toys featured include Bowser, Yoshi, Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Toad. I put Toad last in this list because I hate him, BTW. Nope, no Wario or Princess Rosalina, this is strictly the main stars. And Toad.

    They aren’t exactly Hot Toys build quality, but they’re cute enough. It appears you can also get a red Mario visor-thingie as an option.

    The Happy Meal currently being offered is based on How to Train Your Dragon 2 and runs through July 3. The Mario Kart 8 promotion is listed as the “next happy meal” and should start after that.

    [Source: McDonald's]

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    I'm not big into collectibles, figurines, but I'd love to have a starting grid lined up on my desk at work with all of these :)
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