Forza Motorsport 5 Cheating already present?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport' started by jackadam1212, Dec 26, 2017.

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    So CoD's and the rest of the FPS games already have help to cheat with companies already releasing modded controllers, those I'm not worried about. I'm wondering if its in this game, to the extent of being able to make your drivatar unbeatable?
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    The reason I ask, is because most the time I'm playing solo against the drivatars, doing the set up races. Up till now I had no problem coming in first, drivers skill level is up to get the bonus credit, and to have a challenge to the game, but not high enough it feels like a chore to come in first everytime. So now I'm on the Class A races, and I get a drivatar I have yet to see before. Most of the people I am up against are mostly you guys, with the occasional one I don't know.

    Now this guy is unbeatable in this category, and this is not being a sore looser, this is he is unbeatable. So I have used 4 different car setups to the 700 mark to try, including buying the Ferrari he was using and doing about 300,000 dollars worth of different setups to try to get what he was doing. Coming around a corner at 40, and in a matter of 20 feet he was up to 140, it was unreal. I could hit every corner perfect and still not catch him.
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    Just to double check, I lowered the skill of the drivatars down to the lowest setting, and to my surprise his drivatar still beat me the exact same distance he was with a 10% bonus. This was only him doing this, all others in the race are completely getting stomped by me, but he is no matter what still in the front.

    Looked up his gamertag, and he is a level 414 or something on it, but after a certain time your drivatar is fully synced.
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    So has there been any word on this? or is it just my imagination?
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    You're playing against the computer, so expect it to be "biased" on making it's player win, that's no surprise.

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